3 Injured when Propeller Explodes on Air Boat

Marine Units were dispatched to the area of Hudson Beach regarding a vessel crash this weekend. It was reported an air boat was operating in the Gulf between Signal Cove and Hudson Beach when the air boat’s propeller “exploded” causing a piece of it to go through the hull of the boat. The incident caused the vessel to come to a quick deceleration causing the operator, Darrell Sedilko, Jr. to be ejected off the bow of the boat. The vessel continued forward and ran over Sedilko, Jr. while he was under water. This also caused his nine-year-old daughter to fall forward and strike the seat in front of her with her upper torso. The third passenger was not injured. The three subjects were picked up by a Good Samaritan who brought them to shore due to their vessel taking on water and having no propulsion. None of the passengers were transported to the hospital by Fire Rescue.

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