Go Hiking This Saturday!

We live in a such a beautiful area.  Full of rolling hills, waterways, walkable woods, and natural beauty in every direction.    Exploring is the only way to really SEE this.  Hiking is a great way to see the small things…

Spring Hill Now just discovered a cool group that is doing just that!  69105817_995063404181023_7745873303864082432_o

This group organizes 8-15 mile hikes, and 1-2 night backpacking trips and is intended for experienced hikers and backpackers.

In order to participate in Long Hikes & Overnights activities, please find them on Facebook then read and “like” the post they have pinned to the top of their page.

This Saturday, August 24, 2019, join the Long Hikes & Overnights hiking/backpacking/camping group as they explore the 11 mile long Citrus Loop. 

The hike begins at 8:15 am and is finished around noon.  Check it out!




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