Deputy Alex Covey saves a life and is a Hometown Hero!

It’s always good to hear that we have a Hometown Hero.  Did you hear about Deputy Alex Covey saving someone’s LIFE last week?  During a response to a possibcoveyle accidental overdose on 8/17/19, Deputy Covey found that the patient was unconscious, cyanotic, and had labored breathing.  Someone at the residence identified the patient as a known narcotics user.  Deputy Covey administered his agency-issued Nasal Narcan and 60 seconds later, the patient was conscious.  Hospital officials have stated that the patient is expected to recover fully.

Kudos to the Sheriff’s Office for issuing this lifesaving antidote which was only just issued in June of 2019.  Extra special kudos to Alex for saving a life.

He’s a hero.

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