Dirty Dining in Hernando County: Local Restaurant Shut Down for Failing Inspection

Time to look back at the past month and see which Hernando County restaurants landed in hot water with Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants…you know those guys that make sure we’re not being served live roaches with our ribs and chicken.  Hernando County Dirty Dining

First the Good.  Three restaurant passed their first inspection with ZERO VIOLATIONS. They are CHINATOWN 4245 Mariner Blvd, BIG MOMMA’S BURGERS 5212 Fenian Dr and  KALLY K’AS 3383 Commercial Way. Shout out to Kally K’as!!!!

Now the Bad.   SLICE OF LIFE 188 Mariner Blvd, MALLIE KYLA’S CAFE 510 Liberty St,SAKURA ASIAN CUISINE 128 Mariner Blvd, PANERA BREAD CAFE #1052 7061 Coastal Blvd, all had administrative complaints recommended.

And finally the Ugly.  Up 4 Breakfast was temporary closed on May 28th due to roach infestation and food being kept at unsafe temperatures. As of June 10th, they have passed their inspection.

Many of the restaurants listed below have remedied their issues and passed their follow up inspections.

Click here  or on the report below to check out the inspection results, conducted by Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants, for the past 30 days or search for a particular restaurant.


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