Flocking to Hernando’s Frazier Farms for corn

What is a summer barbecue without Frazier corn?

A record number of customers lined up outside Frazier Farms on Saturday May 18, the opening day of the first of two spring harvests. Clearly they weren’t willing to find out.5cffdf2a5817f.image

For nearly four decades, the iconic corn fields off Manecke Road, west of U.S. 98, have harvested some of the juiciest and plumpest ears of yellow, white and bicolor sweet corn.

Frazier Farms has been selling their homegrown corn for decades. The cozy farm rests peacefully for a good portion of the year, serene and relatively undisturbed. But during their two spring harvests and the fall harvest in October, the farm becomes a bustle of activity.

Harvest season openers mean long days for the Fraziers and barely a moment to breathe until the corn is gone.

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