Formation of the Tampa Bay Literary Society is adding a Hernando Chapter

Spring Hill, Florida (May 15, 2019) – Pariksith Singh, MD, founder of Access Health Care, announces his own personal initiative, the formation of the Tampa Bay Literary Society and the initiation of its Hernando Chapter (The HeArT). The society is now seeking members. There is no requirement except for the love of literature, art, and drculture. The Hernando chapter invites the public to join and invite their friends to become members. “Invite your friends to be members, patrons or, simply, audience and friends. The first meeting and reading, staging of skits, musical and fine arts gathering will be announced in a separate news release,” said Dr. Singh. “Let us create a community of thriving culture and aesthetics and nurture the new, the beautiful and the astonishing.”

Members of the community are invited to present all forms of tasteful literary creatives, including short plays, films, poetry, essays, and stories.

The meeting will be held on Friday, May 24, at the WellCome OM Center, 4242 Lake in the Woods Drive, Spring Hill, Florida. The meeting will be held from 6 pm to 9 pm. Beverages and other refreshments will be served.

The first meeting will feature Dr. Gary McCarragher who will read from his new book on hospice care and Dr. Maria Scunziano who will read from her newly published book on integral healing. The meeting will also include music, fine arts, and poetry “if the audience wants it,” said Tampa Bay Literary Society founder Pariksith Singh, MD.

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