12 Year Old Spring Hill Girl Asks Guests to Help Homeless in Lieu of Gifts

inviteA twelve year old Spring Hill girl is exemplifying compassion and a real sense of community for her 12th birthday. Instead of demands for an iPhone or new clothes Natalia Powers is asking friends and family to help the homeless. A note scrolled in her birthday party invitation asks people to bring canned goods, blankets, and hygiene products in lieu of presents to help local homeless families. Her mother, who should be very proud, says that Natalia is feeling discouraged because she thinks the donations she gets from the few friends that attend her party won’t make enough of an impact so they have setup a few drop off sites for anyone in the community that would like to help too. Her mother hopes to surprise Natalia with enough items to make a much bigger contribution than she’s expecting. If you would like to help our local homeless population (there are A LOT of them) and show Natalia that her small act of kindness is a HUGE deal you can drop non-perishable food items, blankets, jackets, and/or hygiene products off this week at Applebee’s (10601 County Line Road, Spring Hill), Mind’s Eye Glass Art Studio (5133 Commercial Way, Spring Hill), or R Beach (4054 Shoal Line Blvd, Hernando Beach). Items will be picked up on January 15th to present to Natalia at her birthday party.

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